How the process works

After we talk, when we find a service solution that we can offer that is a great fit for your business, we can do up a proposal that will have costs, timelines and additional terms and conditions for us to agree on.

HortMatrix LLC has a mission of making a positive difference and will work hard to do that.

This is a service business which means, we want to help you carry a load of work and task when you are running too lean to do it all.

We look forward to working with you to save money, save time and increase your profitability.

We bring skill, strengths, 30+ years of life experience and a ton of energy and determination into the picture. We can also lead and help you forge a path of improvements with your team in the areas of handling the numbers of greenhouse production planning and tracking, as well as supply and more. We will do everything we can to help you with your production numbers so that you can understand and use them better.  Doing this, we hope we can achieve more and make constant improvements. We also step in and out as needed so that you save over a full time hire but get the skill of a top performer on your team.

- Bill Ainley
  Owner & Founder