A greenhouse or nursery operation needs the numbers to run, sell and be detailed about what they do.  Just like an architect might use a CAD program to design a building for you, we use our own proprietary methods, tools and calculations to give you the results you need.


We can lead you down a great path or we can adapt to how you do things and fit in to your unique ways and fill gaps you have.  We don't sell a product that "you own, learn and have to do" but we sell a service where we calculate and provide the results, with you making "some" inputs into specialized templates and tools.  We work with you.  We team up and consult about the results.  We "balance" who does what to get you a fantastic solution.

A greenhouse or nursery operation needs to run on a production plan, a material plan and an action plan.  They should know costs and how the plan utilizes space.  Using your data, we can do all that.  

We collaborate with you to gather data.  We can digitize how you do things.  In the process we work together to get your steps standardized.

Our services do all the calculations and we review with you at many points throughout our process.

There is nothing like what we do.  With 30+ years of experience, we do "work" that saves you time and we "calculate results" that detail your numbers at multiple levels and illuminate ways you can save money and increase profit.

Discover how your business can save time and money!
We develop custom tools, adapted to your unique business.
We give you results using our proprietary methods.

These are some of the areas (focused on our Adaptive Services) we team up with you:

  • Production planning
  • Space planning
  • Material requirement planning
  • Action planning
  • Cost details
  • Availability service
  • Number tracking and reporting
  • Analysis of multiple data sets
  • Review of data
  • Team leadership in planning
  • Profit analysis
  • and More!

Production planning takes sales planning and creates a work schedule using recipes built around how you do things. It can then move to tracking and reporting with custom built databases and special reporting.

Space planning uses the production plan and other information to figure out your exact facility utilization by date and environment.  Not only is this critical to "fit" your crops but space is like a fingerprint for your business and reveals a lot about an operation.

Material requirement planning can work in hand with supply chain management and purchasing.  Using the production plan and the materials you use, we build out the materials you need to maximize buying power.

Availability service is something that might change your game.  You must know your inventory.  We can help you track inventory with tools but the service is about using a proprietary method to determine availability, using algorithms and some basic data.  This can save you hours of key strokes and manipulations.  If your current systems or methods cannot yield to you this information, quickly and easily, then you should check this out.  In 2020 we have formalized a package called "#'s to sell" that is a comprehensive approach.

Number tracking and reporting is all about taking data and putting it into a format that can be reported on and measured.  This can give you a view into where you stand on your production plans.  Customized data handling, crunching and reporting can save hours per day.  HortMatrix LLC is all about what happens when things are moving fast.  Tools are lean, simple and fast.

Analysis, of costs and more:  Bill Ainley, founder of HortMatrix LLC is an industry veteran of 30 plus years and has held leadership positions with 5 top 100 greenhouse operations.  Working through many expansions and times of change, when you team up with Bill, you don't just get data but you get a hands-on approach, where a work load is lifted and you get results you need.  The value of what we do is immense because it is a resource to help you when you are looking for profit, when you don't have time to tackle everything, or when you have system gaps, no system, or are looking for a change.

Team leadership in planning:  We love working side by side with you.  We enjoy getting on a conference call and sharing computer screens, using web and cloud to collaborate.  We work remote and there is no need for us to travel, however, we enjoy coming to your site and learning, meeting in the field, in the greenhouse or in the conference room.  We help businesses of all sizes but especially, small to medium sized businesses that are growing or looking for profit by staying as lean as possible.  When you need planning expertise, long range scenarios of space by environment, tracking to keep you on course, weekly meetings with us is like having another person on board at a fraction of the cost of a full time hire.  Plus... we bring or develop the exact tools needed for the job at hand, in planning the numbers of production.

What is unique about HortMatrix LLC is that it is built on the mission of simplifying what you do, saving clicks and data input, letting us deal with the complexities under the hood, and returning results you can use.  Because it is not a product and only customized solutions, and services, you get what you need, no more and no less, built around how you do things and making use of what is unique about you, your business, and your team.  We find strengths in you and then make everything stronger.

Think of it like this: HortMatrix LLC is not an accounting firm but thinking of it that way, is a good way to understand what we do.  You go to an accountant to get your tax needs solved.  You can go to HortMatrix LLC to put your production plans in order, track your plan status and illuminate all the numbers so you can do more with less and grow your business.  Discover how great this can be for you!  We can lead through the planning needs as your business grows.  We can team up with your team, shouldering tasks that often bog people down.  Often we build custom tools, designed around your unique needs.  We do this to make what we do faster and what you do simpler.  We free you up to take on the critical tasks that only you can do.