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Wholesale greenhouse and nurseries can get the numbers they need and stay on top of them, by working with HortMatrix LLC.
We Offer: Planning and support services for greenhouses & nurseries.
Our Focus: It's all about the numbers.  We want to help you find more profit & simplify the planning part of your business.

Looking at the images above, we offer adaptive services, where we work around what you have and do and we offer packages, that are a collection of services that work together.  From complex to simple, or adaptive, we have what you need to get and know your numbers.

Your Part:  Team up with us!  It is your data.  We adapt to what is unique about your business and team.  We start with where you are at and the numbers you have.  We have methods, tools and templates.  We lead the way, you make simple updates, we calculate.  We can do more or less.  When you need it, we are there to help and add value.  There is nothing else like this!
Method: Just like an architect might use a special CAD program to design something, we use proprietary methods with a hands-on touch, staying involved, about what we see and adapting where needed.  You are unique and so are we!

HortMatrix LLC is a Professional Service Business.  Contact us to learn more!